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Let the Horse Trading Begin

13 May

Okay, I have been lax in blogging. This can be attributed to being busy, but truth be told it was plain laziness…okay okay really speaking, I was considering forming the 65th front (for formation of a Government at the center). For this reason I was in Delhi talking to the cousin of a friend of a low ranking official in the Congress party.

If Deve Gowda can dream so can I.

In the meantime the 3 and a half ring circus has begun. Usually the case in Indian politics is that an enemy’s enemy is ones freind. But these days even a friend can turn into an enemy in the matter of one news program.

The TV news channels are crying themselves hoarse with their prediction. Four channels carry exclusive interviews of the same person and all of them have the “Dream Team” in terms of analysis (what this means is that they have the people who can put people to sleep faster than you can say “Third Front”).

So lets see… Lallo and Paswan are together..but they dont like Nitish..but Congress wants to befriend Nitish as they think hes more “attractive” than Lalloo…but Nitish is playing hard to get and wants to stay with his old “partner”..but hes open to dating…

In the meantime, our own “Son of Mud”, Deve Gowda dispatched Kumara Kanteerava to have a quick tea with Sonia madam. He was caught sneaking out through the back door…hiding his face..maybe madam had one of her assistants pinch him on his cheek (on the face okay?).

Oh I forgot my favorite party, the Commies…one day they say they dont mind Congress support, next day they say they dont mind supporting the congress…Prakash Carrot is busy making the right noises…at the wrong end.

Stay tuned folks.. Kumbh Mela begins…

P.S: My apologies to Horses.


Sleeping Bea(uty)st

19 Nov

This man even falls ASLEEP in his SLEEP.

Heres a wonderful picture of our “Son of the Soil” also from henceforth called “Traffic Jammer” perhaps he was hoping that people would do this in their cars while they were stuck in traffic. (Got this wonderful picture in an email)

Nero Fiddled. Gowda Snored. Not even God can keep him awake.

Nero Fiddled. Gowda Snored. Not even God can keep him awake.


By the way, can someone give me a better caption for this?

Chitra had a nice rant on the recent traffic jam as did Nikhil on Mirrorcracked.

Will They Wont They???

8 Jul

… the episodes are more “gripping” than a Hindi Soap. There are more characters here… the Karats, Yechuris, Rajas, Bardhans and several other comedians…

Theres Manmohan the Hero in Distress being bolstered by his Heroine Soniaji…. plus old villanous uncles like Mulayam/Amar Singh and Deve Gowda (with his 2.5 seats) now are coming back into the family and want to sing songs with Manny the Man.

In all this the hero is currently in Japan waiting to sing a song with Bush against the backdrop of Mount Fuji.

Meanwhile the former friends keep threatening… “We’ll withdraw today.. tomorrow”… “We’ll withdraw if Manny goes to the G8 Summit”… “We’ll withdraw if he wears a red underwear”… etc etc…

But till now.. countless politburo meetings later… they are still threatening…getting off the gravy train will not be easy. Where else can they have power without any responsibility…

Latest news is our own “Sin of the Soil” wants to tango…. way to go !!!!

The Fat Lady has sung

26 May

Walked outside Mannina Maga (Mud Son) Deve Gowda’s house… very very quiet except for a few TV vans. I overheard one reporter talking on the phone “Arre yaar theres no action here. We should get going”.

Kumaraswamy’s comments “Awl you media peepals are saying that we are pinissed.. we also will naaat shake hands with Congress or BJP. They have telled that we are untouchable”… I have no idea what he was talking about.

The Congress… well the usual… The first family can do no wrong.. its local politics… the usual excuses. The classiest was S.M. Krishna who conceeded by saying the BJP had run a better campaign.

Dont count old man gowda out though. He probably has a trick or two up his sleeve.

Here are some pictures: