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Sorry. You have to pay for our lack of foresight…

20 Jun

Thats what the government and public bodies seem to tell us.

Progress for Bangalore comes at a very high price. The metro, the road widenings etc have one very common victim..the working middle class and in rural areas its the farmers.

I met a person recently who has received notification saying that he was going to lose his property to road widening. “We’ve lived here for 40 years” he said..”now they want to kick us out so they can make life easier for the new crowd. What about us? Where do we go now?”

Its progress but at what cost?

Then theres the Global Investors Meet where the Bidadi township is being revived. Wonder how many farmers lose their land here..unfortunately the opposition seems to be ticked off that they are missing out on the party rather than stand up for the common man…

Heres a question… How many politicians have lost their property to any of these road widening or metro exercises.

Most likely the answer will be ZERO.


Fruit Relief

3 Mar

If its summer, its must be time for Watermelons…while most vendors sell fruits, there are several “fruit salad” vendors.. one of them pictured here does roaring business in Jayanagar 2nd Block (near RK Nursing Home).

The “Scam”

2 Jun

I felt a tap on my shoulder….

I was sitting on the steps of SLV drinking coffee after my morning walk. I turned around and the “person” who was tapping me was a dog.

“He wants you to feed him” says a by-stander.

The dog continued to tap me on my shoulder as if to tell me “Hey man..how about some biscuits for me”. On that day I had no camera (mobile phone was at home).

So I beckon to the boy minding the store next to SLV and ask him for a packet of bikis. Suddenly there were 2 other dogs in front of me. All of them patiently waiting for their turns. No barking…no jumping around..they knew they’d get their share. It was a scam they had pulled before…

So I split the pack into three, fed them and made my way home…

Today I had my camera with me and I caught the “tapper” scamming someone else..and yes he got his biscuits.


Thank You BWSSB

28 Apr

The BWSSB (the Water Supply and Sewerage Board) are the latest in a Government initiative against Traffic and Overspeeding. Yes its true. I wish to thank them for ensuring that traffic on the street that I live on has reduced and even the ones that go through go through very slow.

I had written a while ago complaining about how people were driving recklessly on the newly laid road in front of my house. Disaster was waiting to happen. But thankfully the BWSSB stepped in.

They first dug up the entire road thus ensuring that any speeding vehicle would land into a 5 foot deep ditch. They then covered it up loosely ensuring that the ensuing rain made the road uneven.

All along I thought they were doing this out of incompetence. How wrong I was, they are just trying to help control traffic.

Thank you gentlemen…

I asked the contractor in charge if they were going to lay a new road and his reply was “Saar all that and all is the Corporations headache”.

Shankaranthi Pictures – For the folks who are not here

14 Jan

Okay. For those folk who are away from home, here are some pictures. Nikhil and I decided to drive down to Gandhi Bazaar and capture some sights (and some Dosa at Vidyarthi Bhavan as well).



The Entrance to Gandhi Bazaar


Colorful Fruit Market


Like my fruits?? He insisted we take a picture of him..


Of Course Theres Sugarcane


…and more Sugarcane…


Vegetable Market on the other side was quiet in comparison


The Flower Shops


Very Colorful





Camel Ride and Other Pictures

13 Jan

Gounder’s Money

10 Jan

A good friend ST who comments here sometimes as Psyched Gounder has had a very interesting experience this last Friday..

It all started when he made a U-Turn in the wrong place as he was coming back from the office. Suddenly a policeman steps in front of the car and asks him to stop.

So now the negotiation starts. The guy wants Rs. 300..finally he settles for 50. Just as the transaction is about to take place, a beggar shows up and “demands” money…ST then takes out a 100 rupee, gives it to the beggar and asks the two to split the money.

Before you can say “Satyam Scam”, the beggar takes the money and walks off. The policeman then starts shouting and running after him to collect his portion… ST did not wait around to see if the transaction completed. He tried taking a picture but apparently it didn’t come out well..