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Dateline Kuala Lumpur

10 Jul


Arrived in KL last Monday on a business visit. Nothing exciting..just work.

The one thing that I love about Malaysia is the hospitality. Everyone in the office insisted on taking me out to Lunch, Dinner…and yes shopping if needed. Every time I visit Singapore or KL, the wife hands over a shopping list to me and expects that to be fulfilled.

Food in Malaysia is a blend of Indian, Chinese and Malay..the Indian food itself has local variations..Indian Muslim Food etc etc..even vegetarians can get what they need…(except Dosai is called Thosai).

Played a “working” Golf round at Glemarie Country Club ..could not finish..started raining after the 17th hole.

Some Pictures.

Glenmarie Club House

Glenmarie Club House

Bathroom Warning at an Office

Bathroom Warning at an Office

Exchange Policy

Exchange Policy


Why the silence?

24 May

No no..I dont have writers block…but I have been AWOL.

For the last 10 days I have been travelling first to Qatar and am now in Riyadh.

Back to base on Wednesday. More after that.

China Bound

27 Aug

Heading to China for the rest of the week. Will blog if wordpress is not blocked.