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RVCE Memories – What really happened – Part Deux

12 Mar

Continuing with the saga…heres what happened (according to me). Before you read on, I would like to remind readers that there are three versions to each story… My Version, The OTHER version and finally the Truth…

Heres what happened….

In those days (the early 80’s),  RVCE was considered way way way out of the city and our primary goal as soon as we reached college was to find ways and means of getting back to civilization (meaning either going home or to a movie)…this was a daily exercise.

The only thing that kept us back in college was those mandatory labs or classes by one of the HODs..or anyone else who could flunk us in our labs…usually we’d convince the junior lecturers not to come into class at all (or come back home with us)..this was not difficult since their primary goal was the same as ours…

On that fateful day in the morning, we ended up in college to find that the only class that day was in the afternoon..that too by the HOD of a certain a bunch of us decide to go to him to request him to “cancel” his class so we can go home.

Let by SAR we troop toward his room. The idea is to go into the room and “demand/request”. SAR enters the room in a hurry. For some reason (call it cold feet…), the rest of us stop. We then hear the “raised voice” of the HOD inside…unknown to us..SAR is getting buggered…

Apparently SAR put out his “demands” which totally pissed the HOD who started yelling at him…now SR looks sideways and realizes that he is alone in the room and his “friends” are all outside…

This started a “hate-hate” relationship between SR and the HOD (more from the HOD) who spared no opportunity to screw SAR’s happiness for the rest of the time we spent at the college..

In my defence I was trying to push someone else into the room but no one would budge…

So thats why SAR sent out that mail to me when he was reminded of the Good Professor..

Just when I thought this was it… SAR suddenly received another memory jolt and wrote another email to the group..this time blaming me solely 😦

As to my run-in with Prof. <another profs name>, YOU are the culprit, in case you have forgotten. You DELIBERATELY exploited my inability to control my laughter and triggered a showdown with <another profs name> (by imitating his smiley face). He yelled at me and almost threw me out of the class….. I remember that very well.

Thats another story for another time..maybe I can convince SAR to guest blog it…

RVCE Memories – What really happened – Part 1

9 Mar

With our 25th Re-Union in August, suddenly the group address has gotten active. People are reminded of incidents, run ins with the profs etc…

The mention of a certain Prof’s name suddenly caused my buddy SAR to break out in a bout of swears while blaming me and certain other “innocent” people for his trauma…heres a mail from him…

Viji, et-al

You &$%&$%$&$))* & , $%**…BTW those were my kindest words to all of you ^%(&^&^ in the class that deserted me one fine afternoon.

There I was trying to do a good deed for the whole class by trying to get it canceled and what do I find, a bunch of turncoats… .

Those memories are etched- NO, make that BURNED- in my otherwise poor memory. SOme day, some day I will get back for that…
You see what you have triggered… I remember all of you folks who put me on a spot that day.

That day onwards, that (^)(#$% <name of HOD> never lost an opportunity to screw me….

Give me the whereabouts of <name of HOD>– maybe I will get even with him as well.

So what really happened. What caused the normally staid SAR to lose his cool even after 25 years?

To be continued….

RVCE – Class of 1985

25 Feb

Heres an old picture from 1985. Pretty scary looking bunch.  LOOK AT THOSE HAIRCUTS !!!

 25th Anniversary get-together Aug 14/15.  Can’t Wait !!                                                                                                                

ME? Front Row Kneeling – 4th from Right.


12 Nov

Heading back to my Engineering College days (see how effortlessly I dropped the hint that I did Engineering).

So one fine day the “Blood Donation” camp arrived…all of us volunteered. Not because of any sense of service but because not donating was tantamount to being called chicken and your name would go up on the toilet walls (no one wants their name on the toilet walls).

Come the day of the camp and all of us hesitantly made our way to the venue. Rumors were already floating around “Seena Fainted” they said, “Muthu’s blood was blue,” someone else bleated…”They could not find Sanjay’s blood type”… it went on and on. The only positive thing was there were free bananas to be had..and in those days anything free was worth it…

The first step in the process was to determine the blood type. One of my other classmates Vishy and I gave our samples together..we screamed when the finger was pricked to draw some blood…I kid you of course. Then there was this 10 minute wait while we anxiously waited for our blood types (what if we were like Sanjay???)…

While we were waiting.. we glanced across the room where bottles of blood were being collected from the other folks (oh by the way, it was an all boys college… thats another story).

Suddenly our thoughts were interrupted by the person who took our samples.. “Vokay… both of your blood types are Hopeless”…

Our worst nightmares came true.. Vishy and I gave each other a mutually sympathetic look. “Wwwwhat?” we managed to quaver… the guy gave us and annoyed look and said “Yes appa both your blood types are Ho Plus”… and he proceeded to write the words O+ on a sheet of paper… “Yuver blood is HO PLUS.. UNDERSTOOD AAA??”.

We understood.

P.S: Sanjay’s blood type was HO PLUS as well…