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Are we paying them enough – Part 2

28 Jan

My previous post on salaries for defence personell drew comments from both sides of the fence. One of the most poignant ones came from the Wife of a Major.

Heres a post on Churumuri with a YouTube Video that raises the same question: When a Major gets less than a Real Estate Broker.

I have posted the Youtube Video below:

Courtesy: Al Jazeera, Churumuri


Labor Minister’s Gaffe

11 May

Womens group are up in arms against Iqbal Ansari on his decision to ban women from night shifts. And Rightly so.

I love his comment:

I am surprised at the hue and cry. As a society, it is our duty to protect women… what is wrong with that?

Dear Mr. Ansari, these “Taliban” type measures will work in countries like Afghanistan and the likes. If you want to do anything useful. Keep your trap shut. Or better please emigrate. They could use people like you there.

People like him are hell bent on dragging this country into the stone ages.

Now the state government is doing some major “Thippe Saarsing” by saying that they will rethink.

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Toothless Tiger

9 May

The Lok Ayuktha has been given new (milk) teeth. He has extensive powers to deal with corruption BUT it will probably EXCLUDE our political masters. So he will have to focus on Sub-Registrars, Clerks etc.

What struck me was the headline in Deccan Herald yesterday “Lok Ayuktha – Reprieve for Legislators” (sic).

Its like, everyone knows they are corrupt, but they can pass laws to exempt themselves.

Karnataka MLAs – I’d rather have them fight than rule

4 May

Come to think of it, I think I’d rather have the MLAs fighting each other. If they stop doing that, they go off and pass idiotic legislations.

The latest gaff is that women cannot work in night shifts. Isnt that taking away the right of a person to make a living?  Instead they should be passing laws that ensure the safety of these very people and punishing anyone who violates these laws swiftly.

This comes on the heels of a piece on IBN that says that companies are wooing more women.

P.S: BPO’s and ITES companies are exempted.

BJP’s Karnataka Dream. Going, Going, Gone

30 Apr

I love it when I am right. I have always predicted that the JD(S) will NEVER allow the BJP to come to power. Thats how morally backward they are.

The latest news is that the Congress is offering to support Kumaraswamy so that he can retain his CM’ship. Apparently the “Son of the Son of the Soil” is now warm to that proposal, as is his father the Big “G”. The BJP will be left with the short end of the stick.

Can anything get lower in terms of morality?

Oops sorry… we are talking politicians here.. can’t use them and Morals in the same sentence. I must give full marks to the sleazos from the Congress though.

Here are my previous posts (with predictions)

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Abi-Ash – Tirupathi Travails

26 Apr

So now the Andhra Govt is ordering a probe into Abhi and Ash’s Tirupathi visit where devotees were made to wait while the star couple took its time seeking the Lords blessings.

While all this is okay, how much do you want to bet that this is politically motivated? The Congress Govt in AP… elections in UP…. see any links?

I had a friend who was in Tirupathi when Madam Sonia (the real PM) was there. His experience to put it in his own words was “Horrifying”. So how come no probe then?

Are we paying them enough?

18 Apr

I am hoping someone like Silkboard will do a more detailed write up on this but from the looks of it our Armed Forces are getting shafted as far as pay is concerned.

An officer in the Indian Army earns less than an entry level person at a call center (was on TV last night).

What an irony. These are men and women who defend their country putting their lives on the line.

Our netas keep giving themselves more perks and yet the defence seems to get short changed.

News reports say that the army is asking for a 400% pay hike. I for one will be rooting for them.