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Sucking up still works

18 Sep

Well folks if you think being servile was passe think again. Our Honorable “Super Efficient” Home Minister got a new lease on life and an opportunity to showcase his talents further.

Whats more… the Government is appointing another minister for Internal Security. That way the blame gets distributed and the press/opposition now have the satisfaction of asking for two peoples resignations…

In the meantime Shivraj Patil is shopping for more clothes…. and the PM warns of more terror attacks. Notice here no one mentions anything about tougher laws….

What a country….


Sivaji in Court

9 Jul

I have often written about PIL’s being misused by people with no other work to do. Any event that draws attention from the press draws PILs as well. Abhi Ash’s wedding was an example. Now Sivaji, Rajani’s new movie has been taken to court by this guy who claims that it insults the Congress Party. How?

To quote the article on IBNLIVE,

The petition highlights a scene in Sivaji that shows photographs of Congress chief Sonia Gandhi and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh lying on the villain’s office table.

Ok.. ok…. bad enough. But this guy seeks a compensation of Rs. 50 Crores.

I wonder if this goes into his kitty or the party’s kitty.

I am appalled that the courts allow such jokers to make a mockery of the judicial system. What a waste of time !!!

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The Presidential Race – Its become a Derby

18 May

No no.. I’m not talking about the US of A, I am more interested in the Circus thats going on in New Delhi.

Looks like the presidential race is an excellent way of putting someone out to pasture. Make sure he has no role in politics again. Kalam was an exception.

Here are the “Candidates”:

1. Pranab “loyal as a dog” Mukerjee

2. Bhairon “I am Vice President?” Shekawat

3. Atal “What is Mamata thinking?” Vajpayee

4. Somnath “I hate being speaker” Chatterjee

5. Narayan “I wish I had sung the anthem” Murthy

6. Amitabh “Not in the running” Bachchan

7. Abdul “Please let me leave” Kalam

8. Arjun “Make me Prez or I’ll screw up more things” Singh

8. Narayan “I have Maya behn’s support” Tiwari

The Left supports Pranab. Maybe because hes from Bengal (if hes not a commie at least hes from Bengal). The other reason stated was that he was “Secular Enough” for the left front… wonder what that means. As usual the Commies are on the outside looking in.. something they are very adept at (I want all rights but no responsibilities).

All in all, each party wants to install its own puppet in the office.

I think we should combine the PM and Presidents post. Right now both offices are run by remote control anyway.

Manmohan Singh for President !!

Please Add your own candidates (with the appropriate nicknames of course)

BJP’s Karnataka Dream. Going, Going, Gone

30 Apr

I love it when I am right. I have always predicted that the JD(S) will NEVER allow the BJP to come to power. Thats how morally backward they are.

The latest news is that the Congress is offering to support Kumaraswamy so that he can retain his CM’ship. Apparently the “Son of the Son of the Soil” is now warm to that proposal, as is his father the Big “G”. The BJP will be left with the short end of the stick.

Can anything get lower in terms of morality?

Oops sorry… we are talking politicians here.. can’t use them and Morals in the same sentence. I must give full marks to the sleazos from the Congress though.

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