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BBMP Yellections – The Breakfastu

22 Mar

With the BBMP elections drawing near, candidates are going all out to woo the locals. Door to door campaigning, sweets etc are the norm (I would have preferred a TV though…)

The temple park in which we have our morning walks is a favorite target for the candidates who show up to solicit votes…normally between 6 am and 8 am…

Over the last week theres been another twist..breakfast and coffee…yes..buffet breakfast !!! The candidate is there to talk to the potential voters and influencers.. His assistants are at the exits requesting walkers to partake in the breakfast.

Last week it was the BJP candidate who “hosted” the breakfast.

Today, we found that the caterers were back but the host this time was the Congress nominee..

Then came the twist…

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BBMP Classic Sign

23 Jul

Scary when you think that these guys are in charge of “maintaining” our city.

Photo Courtesy: Vatsala Raghavendra aka Mom

To Pee or Not to Pee


Bump, Lump and Slush

15 Dec

BWSSB stands for Bangalore Water Supply and Sewarage Board. They should change their name to Bangalore Bump Lump and Slush Board (BBLSB).

Between them and the BBMP (the Big BuMP)…the city roads are in a constant repair and seepage..

Heres what happens…

  • They dig up the road and just leave it like that..maybe they want people to get used to the lumps and bumps on the road…
  • Next the work starts..just to show their commitment to water…they flood the place…The result..The Addition of Slush to the Lump and Bump…
  • When they finish up, they just leave the place as is, for the BBMP (the Big BuMP) to repair the place.
  • The BBMP then hems and haws and does some half assed work which gets ripped apart at the slightest drizzle and we are back to Lump, Bump and Slush.
  • By then one of the BWSSB workers realizes he has left his spanner underground and they dig up the place all over again…

It goes on and on and on.. like the Energizer Bunny

Sundry Thinkings

24 May

Three things hit me as I was reading the news today…

First my favorite subject… our own “Prince of the Soil” Kumaraswamy’s visit to Bidar district where he supposedly stays with the villagers. This time apparently he was at the house of a farmer who committed suicide. Well.. thats great except that the farmer’s family was made to vacate the house for the night and stay elsewhere. Apparently the entire house was whitewashed and redone for his visit.

Isn’t the whole point of these visits to spend time with the common folks?

The other was a picture sequence in the Deccan Herald which compared the Bangalore Metro Corporation’s work on MG road to the BBMP’s work on Race Course road. While BBMP as usual had strewn stuff all over the place, the Metro work in contrast was neat without causing any inconvinience to commuters. Why is this?

I guess the answer lies in accountability. The BBMP does things its way because they are arrogant and think they are NOT answerable to anyone. On the other hand, hawks are just waiting for the Metro to make even a small mistake so that they can pounce on them. They are ACCOUNTABLE which makes them more responsible.

I wonder when the BBMP will act with such professionalism… maybe if they are privatized?

Finally DD is piloting airing its channels on Mobile Phones. That is just great !!! Now we can be subjected to half baked, badly produced programs on the Mobile as well.

Rainy Day Blues

24 Apr

So its raining again and Bangaloreans are going through the same harrowing experience they go through every year:

1. Flooded Basements

2. Flooded Streets

3. Overflowing Gutters

4. General Chaos

The Bangalore Bombat Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) is probably stretched beyond its capabilities.

While we are quick to jump up and blame them (nine times out of ten we are justified), some amount of responsibility for this lies with us as well.

I am not talking about the builders who have converted tank bunds into apartment complexes (that explains the flooding in the basement). For instance our road normally has good drainage and street rarely floods. But of late there is this “brihaspathi” who is building a house and despite all requests dumps sand and bricks in the gutter in front of his house thus blocking all exits for the gushing water.

We cant blame the BBMP for this.