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Bengaluru Walks – Part 1

2 Mar

Banashankari and Jayanagar are dotted with parks that have been beautifully landscaped and made ready for walkers.

Heres some pictures of the park near Banashankari BDA Complex.







walk5 walk6 walk7

SHOP AFTER THE WALK. A HEALTH DRINK MAYBE (doesnt sound too appetizing)




Deepavali 2008 – Part 1

28 Oct

Deepavali is underway.

Heres some pictures from this weekend as per a special request from My3. More pictures to follow.

You cannot tell that theres a downturn. The rush to buy firecrackers was the same as before

Someone forgot to tell us that there was a recession. The rush to buy firecrackers was the same as before

Firecrackers on Sale

Firecrackers on Sale


Sweets Galore

Sweets Galore


Chaat on Wheels. Notice the guy with the Mexican hat... whats the connection with Chaat?

Chaat on Wheels. Notice the guy with the Mexican hat... whats the connection with Chaat?


Inside the Chaat "shop"

Inside the Chaat "shop"


Lights at home

Lights at home


Looks like a battlezone but this Banashankari side-street normally is very very quiet

Looks like a battlezone but this Banashankari side-street normally is very very quiet


For those who want to watch… (a “bomb” going off)

First time pictures

22 Apr

Nikhil is now the proud owner of an Olympus Digital Camera. In a moment of rare weakness I agreed to publish his first pictures on this blog. Theres no theme… just pictures.

Modern Tiffin Room is one of the oldest restaurants in the Gandhi Bazaar area. Well known for its Onion Dosa. (notice how all our “wanderings” start with food?)


The Fruit and Avarekayi Market on Kanakapura Road (very colorful in summer)

Finally whats a drive without a nice procession (the Bramhotsava of the Devagiri Venkateshwara Temple in Bsk 2nd Stage)





Passing the Muck

11 Sep

Once every month this BWSSB truck comes in and cleans out the septic tanks in the area. All the dirt and the grime are cleaned out and put on the road in a heap. It is then the work of the BMP cleaners to clear that mess. This has led to many showdowns between the two, the latest being this morning when the two almost came to blows.

In the battle, the people living and more importantly walking along the road need to bear the brunt of the stink.

The BMP workers charge people Rs. 50 for clearing the debris in front of their house. They say its the BWSSB’s job to do it.

P.S: Thanks to Vinay for suggesting the name change to this post. It was previously titled Passing the Buck 

You think we have water shortage?

27 Jun

Theres a waterpipe that burst near my house yesterday. Gallons and gallons of water are flowing unabated. Yet 24 hours later NO ONE has attended to it even though we have complained several times. It pains me to see drinking water go down the drain (literally)

Did someone say we had water shortage?


Rain Rain !!

28 May

Spent Friday stuck in rain and traffic. Took me 2 hours to get from Koramangala to Bsk 2nd Stage mainly because of clogged roads. I could not help but appreciate the yeoman work that was being done by the traffic police and traffic wardens even at that late hour (this was at 9:30 PM).

Its easy for us to rant and rave at them but they face a daunting task and they are doing it to the best of their ability.

On another note…

Then yesterday, Nikhil and I stepped out to the corner shop for a quick juice in the evening. Just as we were finishing up it started pouring (never occured to us to look up at the sky when we left the house.. but then such thoughts don’t occur to us especially when we are going out for a quick snack)… anyway spent 45 minutes stuck in rain, less than 200m from the house… It has been a while since I was stuck in rain and have had to walk… the flooded roads seemed like rivers… After some time I started suggesting that we make a run for it…

Finally we decided to make a dash.. what a mistake that was… I was walking ahead with “N” behind me… our entire road was flooded and it was impossible to distinguish the pavement, road and gutters…we made it home ok.. but I can see that “N” will never again make a run for it (and I wont either).. and I swear he’ll look up at the sky the next time he decides to go out on a walk with me 😉

On a more serious note.. it was stupid of me to take a risk.. but at that moment it seemed like fun.. today morning I heard someone had fallen into an open manhole less that 10 feet from where we had walked.. fortunately people saw that and pulled him out..

Pics below from where we stood:


The Lady and the Bully

6 May

Interesting things keep happening during my walks and Sunday was no exception. I was standing at a junction trying to decide on which way to walk (yes yes, I have no set route). A lady driving a car arrived at the junction and was waiting for traffic on the main road to clear up before turning.

The car behind hers is being driven by a young stud accompanied by 3 friends and loud thumping music. They start honking at her as if she is stalling all traffic. This is something that REALLY REALLY ticks me off. When a car is at a junction, its up to the driver of the car to make a decision WHEN he or she makes a move. I hate it when people behind me honk in an effort to make decisions for me.

So these kids keep honking and start gesturing. Then the lady does something that made her a hero in my eyes. She switched off the car, got down, and approached the car behind her. Our heroes who were so aggressive a minute ago suddenly fell silent. Music went off. She approached the driver and asked a simple question “Can you see the road?” to which the guy mumbled something like “No..but.. but…”.. then she said “I can see the road and I WILL DECIDE WHEN I WANT TO GO… If you want to go, climb over me”… by now the guy was suitably humbled and was simply nodding and had this silly grin. As with all bullies he crumbled when confronted.

So next time you honk at a car in front of you… remember, its THEIR decision.. not yours.