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Let the games begin… And End

30 Jul

Haneef is back. The poor guy was victimized…

However the drama now begins. Our politicians and media will be tripping over each other to do some serious “Thippe Saarsing”.

1. The media will have a field day. Every channel will have an “Exclusive” with Haneef (I often wonder how an interview could be exclusive if 3 channels carry it).  I heard that the neighbours have started to offer “bed and breakfast” services to the media 😉

2. The “tone” of the family will change from “The Australians treated him well” to “They mentally tortured him”.

3. A film will be made starring Salmaan Khan.This will win an award at one of the three hundred award ceremonies.

4. An offer will be made to Haneef to enter politics.

5. Our CM has offered him a job. He will meet him soon… boy if this is not playing to the vote banks, I dont know what is.

Then suddenly everyone will forget about Haneef and focus on the next big story.


Will He? Won’t He?

19 May

I have always been intrigued by the so called jinx that politicians have against visiting Chamarajanagar… I wonder what got that started?  Apparently any CM who visits the place loses his office in 6 months.

Now our own Kumaraswamy has pledged to visit the place next week. We’ll see. Theres many a slip between the cup and the lip. However if the jinx takes 6 months to act he wont be CM anyway.. assuming that “appa” lets him hand over the reins to the BJP.

So what do you think? Will he.. or will he think of a really good excuse to cop out?

Duelling @#%&^$ Netas

14 Mar

Move over WWF you have competition.

The Commies and the DMK duked it out in the parliament yesterday with the speaker looking on like an idiot. What a shame. What a waste of money.

Maybe we can start making money out of this by selling tickets to the show. For me this was more entertaining than any program on TV.

Oh by the way, these are “allies” in Government.

Morons !!!

Idle Minds

1 Feb

Here is another example of someone wasting the judiciary’s time.

Some wierdo lawyer in Patna has filed a PIL against Aishwarya’s “marriage” to a banana plant (heres the reasoning behind that). The person feels that it is demeaning. Now isn’t there something in the constitution about an individual’s religious freedom?

Next thing you know this lawyer will be calling on the aforementioned banana plant to appear in court.

Note to the lawyer: GET A REAL CASE. GET A JOB.

Awesome Baby

23 Nov

This made my day …

Sleepy Head Confessions

25 Sep

While we are on the story of sleepy heads one story comes to mind courtesy my long suffering brother.

We used to share a room during my college (and his school) days. I remember waking up quite early to study during my engineering exams. So here I was, being woken up at 4 AM to study on a cold Bangalore morning (cold for Bangaloreans), and I would look across the room and find Aditya curled up warm under a blanket (several blankets sometimes) snoring softly… Used to tick me off no end.

Being the “wicked” brother, I would slowly sneak up to him and re-adjust the blanket so that his feet were exposed…

Ya ya.. I know thats not nice… but thats another “wicked” thing that I am not proud of :-)… however I am sure that those of you who have gone through this will empathize with me.

The mind of a 12 year old

15 Sep

I have been reading on several blogs including RK’s and Gangadhar’s about kids growing up… well we can’t stop that… neither can we stop them from getting more intelligent and “devious”. Here’s proof. This happened last week.

So my 12 year old son has creative writing at school. Being his “creative self”, he comes to me with this question one day. He is not able to think of what to write for this particular question… or so he says.
The Question

“Absence makes the heart grow fonder”

Your friend is has gone overseas. Write a letter to him to cheer him up and use the saying above to make him feel better.

End Question

Now I am working on my laptop at home as this conversation is happening. The conversation between Nikhil (my son) and me goes something like this:
Me: So what’s the big deal about this question? Your friend has gone overseas and you’d write him a letter asking him to be brave and not miss home etc etc

Nikhil (N): Why would I write a letter to him? Couldn’t I just send him an email?

Me: Ok…ok… I suppose you could. But you need to use the quote above and be encouraging.

N: Why would I want to encourage him? He is the one that went overseas.

Me: Well, he’s probably lonely there and has no friends.

N: So why did he go in the first place?

Me: (Raising my voice). HOW WOULD I KNOW…? THAT IS THE QUESTION!!!

N: (calmly) Shouldn’t his parents be writing the letter to him?


N: Dad, you are not helping by yelling….

Me: (Calming down)… Ok… ok… The question says that your friend has gone overseas…YOU need to write a LETTER to HIM to make him feel better by quoting the quote above.

N: Ok… So I have to use this quote and calm him down?

Me: (Thankful that I am getting through) Yes, YES!!!

N: Ok.. Now, why has he gone overseas?

Me: I DONT KNOW… It doesn’t say.

N: That is silly… how can I write to him if I don’t know why he’s gone overseas


N: Ok, ok… Did he go on his own?

Me: I don’t know!!! But since he’s probably your age, assume his parents are with him. I TOLD YOU THAT BEFORE.

N: Then why would he be homesick. I wouldn’t be homesick if my parents were with me.

Me: Ok… then he went alone..

N: Ok… but if he went alone then it was his choice to go. So why should he be homesick? Oh… Isn’t he coming back? If he’s coming back home then why should he be homesick?

Me: NIKHIL!!! JUST GO and write the letter… A letter AND NOT AN EMAIL !!! Just ASSUME that he is homesick…. until he comes back ok?

N: But… but…

Me: No buts, be creative and write whatever you can think of.

Suddenly I realize what we have been talking about and look up. There he is looking at me with a wicked smile on his face. He was messing with me the whole time. THE WHOLE TIME, he was leading me on with his seemingly insane questions. When he caught on that I knew, he fell on the floor rolling with laughter.

They grow up fast and they grow up intelligent. I am going to get my revenge one of these days… I have a picture of him in his Birthday suit.