RVCE Files – The Beginning

25 Nov

It was 1981. Admissions happened and lo and behold we ended up in RVCE.

WHAT??? RVCE??? THAT ROWDY COLLEGE? That was the first reaction from everyone I talked to.

“Beware of ragging guru” one guy told me, “They make you take a bath in the nala” (for those not in the know, the above mentioned nala is the enormous drain that passes by the college). Another one told us horror stories of what would happen in the college bus on the way there. “I heard they make you hang out of the bus”….

One of my father’s friends, who used to pass in front of the college on his way to work, remembered several times where he had been stopped by striking students. “I always ask my driver to go extra fast in front of that damn college” he declared with a wave of his hands.

“Don’t wear fancy clothes, Don’t tuck your shirt…don’t this, don’t that”…the advice was endless. In my case, there was an extra one… “DO NOT SAY that your dad works for UB” (he did). So, I decided to make him a “Works Manager” at HMT.


So, it was with great trepidation (NOT anticipation) that we waited for college to start. On one hand we wanted to get the opening part over with, on the other hand we wished the days would go by slowly so that we have more time to “enjoy” our pre-RVCE days.

But as it always does, the dreaded day came. A bunch of us who know each other from High School decided to take the public bus instead of the college bus. We get to Kalasipalyam Bus stand and make our way to buses headed for Kengeri.

“Hey guru that fellow looks like a senior kano…lets stay away from him”. This as we were looking at a tall guy who was waiting for the bus at the same stop. The bus came, we all huddled at the back of the bus. The bus seemed to go extremely fast and before you knew it we were dropped in front of the gate.

“Welcome to New Students” the sign at the gate said. As we walked into the gate, our worst fears came true. “Lei nann makkla banro illi” (Literal translation ‘ Hey bleep bleep come here’). A lot of the guys we knew who were seniors, I mean these buggers knew us from childhood but all of them avoided us.

We bunched together and literally ran towards the hall where the so called function for the first years was held. While inside there was a function being organized, outside, the seniors were waiting like vultures, circling around. The more we tried to avoid eye contact, the more tempted we were to look at them. Of course at that time the teachers didn’t want any part of this and wanted no confrontation with the students. So after the function, we were just left there and the ragging started. We expected the worst but it wasn’t all that bad.. the general stuff, made to dance, made to sing, what is your father’s name and other stupid things. The great thing about RVCE was its distance from the city, so when the bus left you’d better get in or be prepared to spend the night there. So the bus left so did the seniors.

The inauguration was also the establishment of a new order at RVCE. The spineless management that existed before was replaced by a man called M.R Holla. He single handedly took on the rowdy elements in the college and is largely if not entirely responsible for making RVCE the institution it is today. Kudos to the trust for giving him a free hand, but they had no other choice nor did they have the kind of grit it needed. Mr. Holla was instrumental in banning unions that were rotting educational institutions. Rowdies who previous used to throw stones at windows would run and hide when Holla came. He faced threats head on and stemmed the rot. By the time we got to our second year, we were well on our way to becoming proud of who we were and our college.

What happened to the seniors? Well, a few of them became our classmates and then our juniors.

More Later on RVCE Files…

2 Responses to “RVCE Files – The Beginning”

  1. Naveen November 25, 2014 at 10:08 pm #

    Holla was great! fun time at RV 99 graduated! took public bus and then moved to hostel !!

  2. Nanditha Gautham Mohan Ashwin Narayan August 26, 2015 at 4:09 pm #

    wow…… well said 🙂

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