We regret to say, the President is…..

6 Oct

Before passing judgements, the reader is reminded that the characters in this story were 13 years old at that time.

The day started at VHS with the daily assembly. Students would gather in the quadrangle and arrange themselves by classes. The teachers would be on the stage. KSC out in front and the rest of the teachers lined up behind him at a respectable distance. Usually prayers would be followed by announcements and a speech by KS Chandrashekariah (KSC). The speech would be about things like study habits (some great speeches), or general advise to us advising us not to eat stuff sold in front of the school (this was a losing battle for poor KSC).

So one day the assembly gets halted in the middle for an announcement.

The announcements goes like this “We regret to inform you that the President of India Dr. Fakruddin Ali Ahmed has died”. There is a buzz all around. Those of us in 8th grade don’t know how to react but the mood is sombre.

The announcement continues, “…and today will be a Holiday….”

Suddenly the sombreness is lost… NO SCHOOL? FOR A WHOLE DAY? ON A WEEK DAY?? THIS IS FANTASTIC !!!!

“Yayyyyyyy” !!!! we completely forget the incicent and start dancing completely forgetting that KSC is glowering down at us from the stage (who can blame him). Suddenly his voice rings out “Yenro Katthegala…swalpa nu manners ilva? IDIOTS !!!!”

The entire “celebration” came to a standstill and all of us tried to look sombre at the same time each trying to pretend that it wasn’t him (note it was only the boys who did this).

When KSC was done glowering at us, he inflicted the most terrible punishment that one could inflict on a bunch of 13 year olds. He made us stay back while the others left. We were there for what felt like two hours (actually it was 20 minutes) watching the other kids pack their bags and leave while casting a “I am glad I am not you” look at us. Girls giggled as they walked by.

Oh by the way, we started a mini inquiry into who started it all and homed in on the most defenseless looking guy as the culprit.

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