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BB One Year Anniversary

18 May

RK just came in to my office to tell me that today is the 1 year aniversary of BB. Wow !!! a year since I started “gappa maaring”.. heres my first post. December Stud has the distinction of putting the first comment on BB.

Happy Anniversary to me and my friends who make it worth writing.

Time does fly when you are having fun.

Thanks RK for reminding me. Thanks All for reading.

The Presidential Race – Its become a Derby

18 May

No no.. I’m not talking about the US of A, I am more interested in the Circus thats going on in New Delhi.

Looks like the presidential race is an excellent way of putting someone out to pasture. Make sure he has no role in politics again. Kalam was an exception.

Here are the “Candidates”:

1. Pranab “loyal as a dog” Mukerjee

2. Bhairon “I am Vice President?” Shekawat

3. Atal “What is Mamata thinking?” Vajpayee

4. Somnath “I hate being speaker” Chatterjee

5. Narayan “I wish I had sung the anthem” Murthy

6. Amitabh “Not in the running” Bachchan

7. Abdul “Please let me leave” Kalam

8. Arjun “Make me Prez or I’ll screw up more things” Singh

8. Narayan “I have Maya behn’s support” Tiwari

The Left supports Pranab. Maybe because hes from Bengal (if hes not a commie at least hes from Bengal). The other reason stated was that he was “Secular Enough” for the left front… wonder what that means. As usual the Commies are on the outside looking in.. something they are very adept at (I want all rights but no responsibilities).

All in all, each party wants to install its own puppet in the office.

I think we should combine the PM and Presidents post. Right now both offices are run by remote control anyway.

Manmohan Singh for President !!

Please Add your own candidates (with the appropriate nicknames of course)

A Source of Inspiration

16 May

He was known to us as Chayanna. For those of us who were in Engineering during the 80’s, he was a legend. His free classes in 9th Block Jayanagar was the only one of its kind and that too during a time when people made more money teaching private lessons than their regular jobs.

I first met him as my Physics teacher at RVCE. His first comment to me: “Yenappa National College huduga naa? Yella Tarale hudugru kanro neevu”.

He was gentle but firm and knew his subject in and out. He would go on to become an inspiration to a lot of us. Ask anyone who lived in Jayanagar 9th Block or 4th T Block about Chayanna in the 80’s and 90’s and you are liable to get an answer bordering on reverence.

The story behind his free classes is legendary. College teaching in several of the engineering subjects was not great those days. Taking to Chayanna one day, a group of us mentioned it. He immediately said, he’d teach us. So he would read the engineering books at night and teach us the next day. His clarity of teaching of Engineering subjects was phenomenal (even though he was a Physics teacher). All for free. We would use someones shed and a few benches for classrooms.

As we moved on in Engineering college he became more of a friend and advisor. Always willing to buy us a Dose and Kaapi. Helping us with our goals and even helping a lot of guys with jobs, encouraging people to study further.

As I came to my third year, he helped me pick out the Colleges in the US to attend. In fact he wanted to go to the USA to pursue his PhD as well. So, we’d do the searches together. But somehow he decided not to. I think that was because he had a higher calling.

Where is Chayanna today? He is one of the top people at the Art of Living Foundation . From what I hear he handles their education programmes. I haven’t seen him in years (my fault entirely), but looking back at what he did for hundreds of students, I think he’s happiest doing what he is now.

Wheres the Kid? – Part 2

14 May

Ok.. so I screwed up… here is part 2…

So I wait and I wait. 5 turned to 6 and then 6.30 but dad or driver were nowhere in sight. The kids I was playing with went home; the watchman yelled us out of the school and shut the gate. Then as only an 8 year old can, I took a decision to walk. I started trudging… and trudging…

In the meantime, dad suddenly remembers something is missing. Can’t remember what, and suddenly it strikes him.. My son!!!! My son!!! He rushes to the school only to find it deserted and the watchman locking up for the night. The school comes to life suddenly, the Principal of the school Smt. Seethamma is mad at the watchman for letting me go (poor guy… I was one of a teeming army of kids…Who should he watch?). The watchman and the office boys fan out to the adjoining streets to look for me. Not finding me, they start tracking me towards the house. It didnt help my dad’s already “guilty” feeling that there was news in the papers about kidnappings and the sort. In 1972, this was big news.

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Wheres the Kid? – Part 1

13 May

Anticipating a move to Jayanagar my parents enrolled me into Mahila Seva Samaja in Basavangudi for my 4th Standard. We lived in Kumara Park at the time, a distance of over 7km. In the early 70’s it was unheard of that someone would travel such a long distance to go to school. The move to Jayanagar got delayed and for the whole year I was dropped off at school by my dad.

For those of you who have not had the pleasure of seeing the MSS campus, there used to be a main building, tennis courts, and huge trees that were so old that no one remembered them being small. To this day the campus remains the same except for some newer additions.

I used to get dropped off at 8:30 AM. School used to start at 10:30. The only company I used to have were the monkeys that frequented the large trees on the campus. I was probably the only student “warned” for coming early. School got over at 5 PM and dad would send his driver to pick me up. That was the daily schedule.

One day he was in the middle of a meeting and forgot to send the driver to pick me up…

To be continued… 

Happy Mother’s Day

11 May

Tplaza writes: 

This coming Sunday is Mother’s Day. Yesterday, I attended a Mom’s Day lunch at my son’s school. We took our own lunch and one for our kids and went to their classroom and sat down together to eat. It was the simplest thing, but, all the moms seemed so happy to be there. The kids, oh, their eyes were shining and they were just so proud that their moms were there with them. Of course, the food we took helped. Usually, the kids have sandwiches or something from home, but yesterday, the moms got to take lunch from Burger King or Mc Donald’s and stuff!!!Ooh, that itself spells fun.

And they made these adorable little cards for us shaped like teapots. The card had a little poem to go with it,

“Here’s a gift for Mother’s Day.

You’re the best in every way.

I love the things you do for me.

Enjoy your day with a pot of tea.”

The cards came with a tea bag each too!!Really, they thought of everything:)

To go with the card we got these cute little flowers made with flower shaped cookies.

It was such a fun day!!

I think being a mom is such a wonderful thing. I want to dedicate this post to my mom and all the moms in the world. Moms make the world a better place.

Labor Minister’s Gaffe

11 May

Womens group are up in arms against Iqbal Ansari on his decision to ban women from night shifts. And Rightly so.

I love his comment:

I am surprised at the hue and cry. As a society, it is our duty to protect women… what is wrong with that?

Dear Mr. Ansari, these “Taliban” type measures will work in countries like Afghanistan and the likes. If you want to do anything useful. Keep your trap shut. Or better please emigrate. They could use people like you there.

People like him are hell bent on dragging this country into the stone ages.

Now the state government is doing some major “Thippe Saarsing” by saying that they will rethink.

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