Wheres the Kid? – Part 1

13 May

Anticipating a move to Jayanagar my parents enrolled me into Mahila Seva Samaja in Basavangudi for my 4th Standard. We lived in Kumara Park at the time, a distance of over 7km. In the early 70’s it was unheard of that someone would travel such a long distance to go to school. The move to Jayanagar got delayed and for the whole year I was dropped off at school by my dad.

For those of you who have not had the pleasure of seeing the MSS campus, there used to be a main building, tennis courts, and huge trees that were so old that no one remembered them being small. To this day the campus remains the same except for some newer additions.

I used to get dropped off at 8:30 AM. School used to start at 10:30. The only company I used to have were the monkeys that frequented the large trees on the campus. I was probably the only student “warned” for coming early. School got over at 5 PM and dad would send his driver to pick me up. That was the daily schedule.

One day he was in the middle of a meeting and forgot to send the driver to pick me up…

To be continued… 


13 Responses to “Wheres the Kid? – Part 1”

  1. Veena May 14, 2007 at 3:03 am #

    En vijay idu full Ekta kapoor style, eno interest barsi ‘ to be continued’ annbiTTralla ?
    You will mostly expect comments like, waiting for the next part kinds.

    Have a great week ahead,

  2. Vijay May 14, 2007 at 3:34 am #

    Veena: At least my post headline doesnt begin with a “K”… if I was doing EK style it would be titled “Kwheres the kid?”

  3. gmohanprakash May 14, 2007 at 4:41 am #

    So you have had quite similar experiences….
    keep it rolling.

  4. Vani May 14, 2007 at 6:13 am #

    Waiting for the next bit. 😉

  5. destinationsrik May 14, 2007 at 6:38 am #

    interval was not required…it seems so interesting 😦

  6. Prashanth M May 14, 2007 at 6:43 am #

    Now where is the continued part???

  7. Veena May 14, 2007 at 7:50 am #

    will start one new balaga called Story tellers balaga & rest hearing them with their hands supporting the chin…
    hmm… so your papa missed you & when he went home alone, your mom asked him where is the kid & then realises your father.. Is the story line matching??

  8. Mysorean May 14, 2007 at 7:58 am #

    and you walked all the way home. Right?!
    Yay! Adi you are such a great soothsayer of the past! 😀

  9. Vijay May 14, 2007 at 8:56 am #

    Sorry all….should have continued and finished… we’ll see whose storyline matches tomorrow 🙂

  10. vinay May 14, 2007 at 10:11 am #

    sikampatte interesting saar , Of all the places, why did u get stuck in a place like school ??? :D, wasnt there a field nearby?

  11. praneshachar May 14, 2007 at 10:47 am #

    great writeup and it is coincidence that both you and mohan were early to school
    keep going and continue the write up expecting much more interesting things to come and foundation is just superb you can build superstructures based on memories
    keep waiting for the next episode

  12. ashok May 16, 2007 at 12:37 pm #

    Hey..I know you.. From the 70’s and I was in Kumara Park. So where is the complete story.

  13. Vijay May 16, 2007 at 12:39 pm #

    @Ashok: Part 2 published 🙂 …. really? We used to live on “Serpentine” Road..

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