My Mysooru

4 Dec

Okay, enough of current stuff. Need a bit of nostalgia to perk me up.

Mysore for me was where holidays were spent. Loved the place. Could not wait to get there as soon as exams got over to spend time with my Grandparents, Cousins et al. Heres a list (in no particular order) of my favorite memories of Mysore.

1. Memories of walks with my Grandfather to Shivanna Stores in Vontikoppal to order groceries (which would be sent home later). A Parry toffee or a 5 Star was an eagerly awaited reward.

2. “Kai Thhuthu” from my Grandmother (rice and mango pickles my favorite)

3. Aroma of freshly baked bread in the afternoon from the Iyengar Bakery down the road

4. Playing “Soor chandu” at Cheluvamba park (still remember hitting my Grandad’s friend once my mistake). Oh ya and Churumuri outside the park.

5. Sneaking away to “Gully” Hotel (Iyers Lunch Home) after a full breakfast at home to have their famous “Set Dose”.

6. Sneaking away to our neighbour’s house after a full lunch just so we could eat “Ragi Mudde” and “Soppina Saaru” (with garlic of course). Got caught once when my Grandmother walked in to the neighbour’s house for an afternoon chat.

7. Endless hours of cricket practice at “Handi Halla” (literal translation “Pigs Ravine”) in preparation for our weekly matches with the kids from the Railway Quarters.

8. Going to the rice mandi off of Sayyaji Rao road with my Grandmother to get “puri” done for huriakki.

9. Afternoons at 4:00 PM when my Grandmother would call us over to the kitchen for our tea time snacks

10. Spending evenings at Geetha Book House browsing while the “elders” caught up on gossip.

11. Ice Cream and Sagade Beru at Phalamrutha

12. Attending concerts at the Mysore Palace during Dasara (Pt. Ravishankar, MSS, Bhimsen Joshi.. the list goes on)

13. Idlis late at night at Pattu Brothers after attending the concerts at the Mysore Palace

14. Sneaking back into the house without waking our Grandfather (of course Grandma would open the door)

15. Ballal hotel where my uncles from the US would meet their buddies when they visited. Just sitting back and listening to the talk and the bantering was relaxing.

16. Hotel Metropole where my uncle would take us and get us Omelette and toast (with butter of course).

17. Chandu hotel outside NIE where I used to hang out with my cousin and his friends (I studied in B’lore but had “Visiting Student” status at NIE thanks to all my family members who studied there).

18. Walking along Sayyaji Rao and Dhanavantri roads with a stop over at a place called Naveen’s Tiffanys for Mysore ishtyle chaat. Just walking up and down.

19. Trekking up Chamundi hills. What a view !!!

20. Getting bitten by a dog and getting 14 injections around the navel. My uncle (dodappa) went all the way to Nanjanagud to get the serum because it wasn’t available in Mysore.

21. Cosmopolitan Club Mysore and the wonderful snacks there.

22. The exhibitions at Jeevanarayana Katte grounds (the old days).

23. Being at the Mysore Palace when the lights go on during Dasara.

There must be much more but I can’t think of it, or can’t write about it 🙂 .

Those were the days !!!


16 Responses to “My Mysooru”

  1. travel plaza December 4, 2006 at 2:39 pm #

    Those memories are so sweet!!Childhood is the best time of one’s life, I think. That’s why I keep telling my kids not be in a hurry to grow up…to enjoy being a child. But I’m sure they want to enjoy all the “wonders” of adulthood, just like we did when we were kids.
    My second son was born in Mysore. So, I have a few memories of the place myself. And my parents lived close to votikoppal, in the CFTRI colony…so am kind of familiar with the place..

  2. decemberstud December 4, 2006 at 11:25 pm #

    Hmmm…I need to put in a loooong comment for this….Am swamped at work now, will stop by again to write….

  3. Veena Shivanna December 5, 2006 at 5:38 am #

    Great post. aadre yaako nimma wordpress nanna comment maadlikke bidthilla mane inda(my laptop security settings).

    I couldn’t relate to all that you said, I had been to palaamrutha recently when I went to landstone building.. I had that vanilla icecream in that same glass bowl paying Rs 6/-No change in both quality & quantity & customer service!!
    I belong to the old generation & I am sure you must be senior to me too 😉 I lived in the other part of the city so Kalidaasa road etc, is quite far away places for me.. alli eshwara temple pakka ondu choultry ittalla alli maatra once in an year present. Tyagaraaja aaradhane by our guru’s sangeetha sabha… ashT biTre namma meshTru manege(avara tangi mane infact) bartha idvi ashTe!

    I am glad that you ended your post in a very different way, unlike others. putting a sad face for Mysore being developed these days ! & In my opinion people who are unhappy with a place, come up with lists that say why that place is bad, and yet, continue to live there, are people who are fundamentally unhappy with themselves. No place will make them happy.Every single place has myriad reasons to leave if one keeps looking for them.
    All said & done, I am happy with where I live & where I lived before… May be the place I will be going to live too 😉
    DS, I had sent an email with your birthday wishes since I was unable to comment on worpress blogs from home these days. Belated wishes if you have not received my email.


  4. Kishor December 5, 2006 at 9:04 am #

    Can connect to a lot things in that list…..Mysore rocks, anyday!

  5. Vijay December 5, 2006 at 12:02 pm #

    TP: When you are young .. you can’t wait to get old and when you get older you think of the “good old days”

    Veena: Whatever development takes place, the “old world charm” will remain.

    Kishor: It does rock…no arguments about that..

  6. decemberstud December 5, 2006 at 11:25 pm #

    Ahhhh….so refreshing.

    One point to note….I haven’t come across “as many” posts reminiscing the past about Bengalooru. Is it just because I am from Mysooru or is it just that Mysooru has that charm 😉 Logically, I think any city would have the charm and the residents would love their city to death. So, I assume, it’s just me and since I am from Mysooru, I happen to chance upon Mysooru nostalgia.

    I certainly knew Vontikoppal very well even though my house was close to where Veena lived. Vontikoppal was where my mother worked and I used to go there so often. When I was a kid I thought there could never be a bigger park than Cheluvamba Park 🙂

    Sayyaji Rao Road and Deveraja Urs Road was the hep places for us boys. ‘Geetha Book House’ was still THE bookhouse, but elders had stopped gossipping there.

    Phalaamrutha…..YEAH !!! I used to die for that ice cream fruit salad. I totally couldn’t go there this time. I really hope to visit that place when I am in Mysore next time.

    No to Pattu Brothers.

    Balla Hotel…I vaguely rememebr being in the same situation you were in…but I was such a small kid then and eventually Ballal Hotel closed down.

    NIE is THE college to attend….I don’t believe all that hoopla with, what do they call it…JCE 😉

    Yep, trekking up chamundi Hills was just amazing. Once we trekked up unti Rajendra Vilas Palace…..a whole bunmch of us..and we were caught by the security guards there. We managed to call them “uncle” and get away easily……

    Right next to Cosmopoliton club was ‘ramya’. My father enjoyed Dose there and he would invariably take me there to eat the Masala Dose. We would go home and skip dinenr. He wanted to go there. But he would ALWAYS give me as a reason to go to ‘Ramya’ and my mother would keep quiet. His reasoning to my mother would always be on the lines of “paapa magu dOse bEku aMtu….”.

    Never seen the Dasara exhibition at Jeevanarayana Katte. So, now I am convicned Saaaar is from the previous generation 🙂 doddakere Maidana was great too. I enjoyed the Giant Wheels and churumuris a ton.

    Yes, there are tons and tons more and I guess we can go on and on.

    Saaaar, thank you for such a wonderful write up. It was very refreshing to read about Mysore, especially coming from a Bangalorean 😉

    Darbar Hall concerts were just amazing. Just last weekend, i was explaining to my wife about how festive the Mysore Palace was during Dasara and was listing out all the artistes who have performed there.

  7. Srik December 6, 2006 at 5:53 am #

    Yep, trekking up chamundi Hills was just amazing. Once we trekked up unti Rajendra Vilas Palace…..a whole bunmch of us..and we were caught by the security guards there. We managed to call them “uncle” and get away easily……

    Ditto here.
    We called them “uncle” and escaped!! But we thought it was really our ‘PUNYA’ that saved us that day 😉

    Hahaha… THE DAYS!! Mysore was my holday destination as well.

  8. Srik December 6, 2006 at 5:54 am #

    And theres no mention of KUKKARAHALLI KERE??? 🙂
    I like it the most in Mysore, even with the changes that has happened to it over ages.

  9. Murali Partha December 6, 2006 at 6:08 am #

    Veena: I think you said it very well – “All said & done, I am happy with where I live & where I lived before… May be the place I will be going to live too” It is all about the mindset that makes us feel good about life.

  10. Veena Shivanna December 6, 2006 at 8:35 am #

    Thanks Murali.. Yours Truely!

  11. Vijay December 6, 2006 at 8:51 am #

    Srik: I left myself a buffer for all the things I missed….Kukkarahalli Kere was one, Ramya Hotel was the other (mentioned by DS)…

  12. rk December 7, 2006 at 7:07 am #

    reading this post, i could see my dear malleswaram in it.
    felt really nostalgic after readng about ‘kai thutthu’, soor chunnd & Geetha Book House.
    koi lauta de mere, bheete huye din

  13. Mysorean December 11, 2006 at 11:25 am #

    Namma mysooru Vijay… Namma mysooru!

    Railway quarters jote neevu kooda match aadta iddra? That’s some tradition I guess. Because even we used to play Yadavagiri v/s Railway quarters at the Railway Ground! Amazing how much we have in common!

    Chamundi hills – breathtaking! Adu trek madiro avarige gottu adara greatness enu antha. Darshan ge hogo avarige gottagala!

    kai thuththu odbittu kanninalli neere bandbidtu bidi. Sakkat! 😦

    Shivanna stores ella hengree gnapaka ide nimmge? Great bidi!

    Cheluvamba park horagade aa churmuri.. aaha! school inda vaapas barbekaadre daily definite aagi ondu minimum tinta idde!

    Phalamrutha ice-cream… ivattina tanka nobody has made such great ice-cream! Aa lansdowne building beeLo thanka phalamruta alle irutte ansutte!

    Mattte Mysore ge hogo thara iddini naanu nimma post odbittu!

  14. Vijay December 11, 2006 at 11:32 am #

    Adi, thats correct, you were from CFTRI….so we definitely stomped around on the same turf at different times… 🙂

    Shivanna stores supplied groceries to my Grandad’s house for decades…

  15. dame September 13, 2007 at 4:50 pm #

    My hubby read the above blog and said”Those were the days…glorious days!!”

  16. Vijay September 14, 2007 at 6:23 am #

    @dame: Thanks for the comment.. sighhhhhhhhhh …. your hubby is right 😦

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